Three Rounds On the Heavybag | Boxing Workout for Speed and Power

Three Rounds On the Heavybag. Boxing Workout for Speed and Power. Tom Yankello of the World Class Boxing Channel is back this week with a new twist on his video where he teaches you how to increase boxing stamina . This video provides you with three rounds on the heavybag. This is a boxing workout for speed and power. Doing this drill will get you in great conditioning shape! Please note that this drill is for a more elite or advanced boxer or fighter. However, Tom provides you with alternatives throughout the drill so that you can work your way up to mastering this drill on the heavybag.

The drill is 3 rounds of boxing in length. Each round has you completing a different move every 15 seconds during a round. You will experience 15 seconds of active rest, followed by 15 seconds of High Intensity Interval Training where you are throwing power shots between 90-100% of your strength, followed by 15 seconds of active rest, and then 15 seconds of speed punches thrown at 90-100% speed. This is a great conditioning drill that will improve your boxing speed and power.

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