How To Create An Opening Using The JAB | World Class Boxing Teaches YOU!

How To Create An Opening Using The JAB. World Class Boxing Teaches YOU! Tom Yankello of the World Class Boxing Channel is here to teach the southpaw fighter vs and orthodox fighter and the orthodox fighter fighting a southpaw, how to create an opening using the jab. This video teaches you ways to be creative with the jab. He shows you how to set up punches off the jab and how to use the jab to stop counter punches. Tom first starts the video by showing you if you were a southpaw fighter boxing an orthodox fighter. He explains how the southpaw is going to throw the jab in between the orthodox’s gloves to throw the jab to the body. Once he gets the jab in there, instead of recoiling the punch, he shows you how to turn your hips to take the lead hand away. This jab to the body creates an opening to the body, so you can come back with the left hand and a right hook. This move also prevents your opponent from counter punching. After Tom teaches this part of the lesson, he then shows the orthodox fighter how to do the move if he were fighting a southpaw fighter. Here he shows how the southpaw throws the jab down the middle, opening the pathway to the body so that you can then throw the right hand and left hook. Tom gives you a bonus at the end where he teaches you boxing footwork to give you more options to throw more punches. This footwork teaches you different angles to throw different punches.

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