How To Use Your Jab | How To Change Speeds With Your Jab

How To Use Your Jab. How To Change Speeds With Your Jab. Tom Yankello of the @World Class Boxing Channel is back this week with a great lesson on teaching you how to control the fight with the jab. The first part of the video shows the orthodox fighter how to use your jab and how to change speeds with your jab. The second half of the video he shows how the southpaw fighter uses the jab and changes speed with the jab. Tom Yankello teaches you to throw two jabs at full power, then come to a complete stop. Coming to a complete stop grabs your opponent’s attention. After you stop, you then come back with two jabs and a right hand. The jab is the most important punch as when used correctly it gets your opponent to follow you. The jab is the punch that allows you to dictate the fight. After Tom Yankello shows how the orthodox fighter does these moves, he then brings in a southpaw fighter and teaches the move for this stance. For the southpaw, you will throw two full power jabs, pause, then throw two jabs and a left hand.

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