How To Free Your Arms In a Fight | One Way How You Break An Arm Clinch In a Boxing Match

How To Free Your Arms in a Fight. One Way How You Break An Arm Clench In a Boxing Match. Want to know what to do when your arms are tied up in a fight? Tom Yankello of the  @World Class Boxing Channel  covers one way how you break an arm clench in a boxing match. Tom will answer the question: how do you get your arms loose when your opponent ties you up? Tom explains when a guy gets your arms and he is squeezing your arms, Tom shows you how to free your arms in a fight. Most guys try to pull their arms back and forth to get their arms out. The way you want to break the arm clench is turn your thumbs down and then move your arms down and around and you’ll be able to pull your arms out of the clench and then you can push the opponent off of you. Once you get your thumbs down, you will be able to break the clench. If the guy is really squeezing hard and you get your thumbs down, you could take your head down and push your head into the sternum. You dropping down and putting your head into his chest you will get your arms released from the clench. Great tip for you when you are in a fight and the ref has broken the clench. This is a great way for you to break the clench and keep fighting. You can use the little trick and drop down and put your head into your opponents chest.

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