How and Why You Want to Use This Parry In a Fight!

How and Why You Want to Use This Parry In a Fight! Tom Yankello of the @World Class Boxing Channel shows you how to use a rear hand parry and how to counter with the same hand. He will show you from both the orthodox stance and the southpaw stance. This move was displayed beautifully when James Toney did in his fight against Iran Barkley. You have the boxer be in his shoulder roll defense and he is going to parry the left jab. The way he is going to parry the left jab is by taking his hips clockwise the same time he is parrying so that he is setting up the power for his right hand. There are other ways you can set up the parry for that punch, but they are not as effective. Tom explains in the video why the other ways are not as effective because you become more susceptible to being hit by the left hook in doing other ways. When you parry the first way Tom teaches you, you eliminate the possibility of their counterpunch and you give yourself more time to land the right hand. You can do this move as a southpaw as well. As a southpaw you parry the right hand and as you do that you turn your waist counter clockwise and land a powerful right hand.

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