The World Class Boxing Gym is an online resource dedicated to educating the public regarding the “sweet science”(art of boxing) and a broad range of fitness modalities with the intention to increase not only performance, but one’s quality of life. By safely introducing combat style tactics and a variety of exercise schemes, and applying them in a manner which “makes sense”, we can more safely accomplish a variety of objectives including, but not limited to an increase in strength, agility, coordination, stamina, and self-confidence. This knowledge can help you achieve fitness success in a more timely fashion.  The topics discussed on this website are backed by both science and personal experience.

WCBG is NOT solely intended for competitive combat sports participants, though it’s contents contain applicable training methods which can be beneficial to enhanced performance. WCBG can be performed in a non-contact manner for fitness enthusiasts and/or those curious about boxing and general health. Additionally, it is a great alternative and/or complement to other fitness regimes which are performed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Athletes can benefit from this fitness approach as well, allowing them to reach higher general fitness levels for performance along with other qualities necessary to achieve success within a particular sport. Many of the examples performed can be incorporated directly into your off-season training regimen.

It is our intention to present the material in a manner so that the viewer can easily grasp its concepts. The only way to instill correct form and positive training habits is through continued reinforcement of proper technique. This is therefore where much emphasis will be placed!

We promise to share every bit of knowledge that we have absorbed throughout our careers as a student, coach and as an athlete. Additionally, we promise that you, the viewer will assist in expanding our learning capacity with the questions, comments and opinions that you present to us! We highly encouraged your participation!


Yours in good health!

Coach’s Tom Yankello and Joe Divosevic